At NRA Outdoors we’ve searched the fields and forests, streams and oceans all over the world for your dream trips. We’ve developed relationships with top-notch outfitters and we keep constant tabs on their amenities, success rates, trophies bagged, personnel and more. At NRA Outdoors we can steer you to what you’re looking for because we know these people and exactly what they have to offer. We will tell you what to expect and can share photos and often video of each destination. We provide gear lists and make sure you’re prepared for your travels and adventure. We don’t just book you into proven outfitters, we help dreams come true every step of the way. At NRA Outdoors we’re proud to be serving NRA members and are strong supporters of our Second Amendment rights.

NRA Outdoors offers more valuable hunting and fishing resources and destinations for every outdoorsman than ever before. Whether you dream of elk hunting out West, or taking your fa¬vorite rifle and heading to the creek bottoms of Kansas to hunt prized whitetails, or you live for the summer months to chase rockfish up the Eastern seaboard or walleye around Lake of the Woods, or even to take that once in a lifetime trip to the tall grasses of Africa to hunt the vast game that continent has to offer, NRA Outdoors, an adventure travel program, will be your con¬venient and affordable one-stop resource to make your daydreams become lasting memories.

Through NRA Outdoors, you will enjoy great hunting and fishing adventures while preserving our Second Amendment rights. With every trip booked through this program, you will directly help the fight to defend America’s First Freedom, our Right To Keep and Bear Arms.

Thank you for your friendship and support and please contact our NRA Outdoors team as you plan your next great excursion stateside or on the other side of the globe.

-- Wayne LaPierre
NRA Executive Vice President



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